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Seminars and Training



Validate! Seminar -


Bob is available to teach the "How to Validate Seminar" at a marriage weekend, men's or women's event, single's retreat, divorce recovery workshop, or at an all church relationship workshop.


Healty churches have healthy relationships at every level of responsibility.  Starting with the church staff, the elders, deacons, ministry leaders, volunteers, lay leaders, all need greater facility with listening, dying to self, and surrender.  This seminar will help individuals and couples learn to reduce relational stress and heartache through Spirit empowered conflict resolution. 


This seminar is for anyone who wants to relate better to their world and have less hurtful and destructive conlfict.


Validate Small Group Leader Training -


This training will equip your small group leaders to facilitate dynamic discussions that lead to. life change, using Vailidate! the book and study guide.  This material is both spiritually and relationally challenging and can create some challenging disucssions.  This training will guide you through the more difficult chapters of the book and study guide.


Leaders will also be trained in the art of asking quality, open-ended questions that encourage thoughtful and authentic responses. 


Small Group Facilitator Training -


This training is designed to give small group leaders the rational and necessary skills to lead a dynamic, interactive, learning experince within a small group.  Training includes a discussion about adult learning research; a facilitated learning process called the Wisdom method; practical facilitation skills training and discussion; a facilitated learning experience..


This training can be tailored to meet the training needs of your small group leaders.   

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